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Work Experience

2023 – 2024



  • Communication work for social networks (see here).

  • Branding consultancy.

  • Content writing and SEO (read here).

  • Tailor-made Powerpoint presentations.

I'm currently at a period of intense focus on my personal well-being and improving my education. I have dedicated significant efforts to building new materials and seeking knowledge through specialized courses and services. This commitment not only strengthens my skills, but also inspires me to explore new perspectives and opportunities for growth.

2023 – 2023

Social Media & Copywriting

Fluxxo Agency

Rio de Janeiro

  • Write and unfold pieces in different formats, on and off;

  • Planning and survey of themes for the construction of posts;

  • Scheduling and organization of social networks;

  • Creation and deployment of campaigns;

2020 – 2023

Social Media and Designer

Amapola Agency

Rio de Janeiro

  • Creation of feed grids for customers' instagram (10k+ followers) monthly and weekly.

  • Development of copywright's consistent with the profile of each client.

  • Promotional graphic productions to boost.

2020 – 2021

Marketing & Design Assistent

Dental Office


  • Elaboration and founding of the Diversity Squad.

  • Customer service, social media management, design assistance in campaigns, creation of mail marketing and internal communication.

2020 – 2020

Marketing Intern

Visto Pronto

Sao Paulo

  • Creation of text and video content for the company's social networks.

  • Organization and planning of strategy for brand positioning.

  • Online customer service and sales.


Head of PO at Dental Office

Higher position in different teams

Always prompt, proactive and very collaborative! She has a lot of creativity and can solve complex problems in simple and objective ways!

Product designer at Dental Office

Isa is a great professional, very proactive and creative. She always accomplishes everything that is proposed to her and is always willing to help.

Worked in different teams


2022 – 2022

Communication, Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Masters (PUC)

Minas Gerais

It offers training focused on the six dimensions of diversity (gender, race, fatphobia, PWD, generational and LGBTQIA+) from an intersectional perspective and integrated into different forms of communication: digital media, advertising, public relations, communication consultancy and internal communication . The objective is to train professionals to act as diversity and inclusion managers.

2019 – 2021


Sao Paulo

Focused on strategic marketing plans, it offers tools to identify trends and sales opportunities, develop commercial campaigns and work on market positioning.

​Professional abilities

Adobe Photoshop





Digital Marketing


Brazilian Portuguese




Nonviolent Communication: How to Relate with Empathy

Udemy | Credential

Critical Thinking Strategies For Better Decisions

Udemy | Credential

How to hire and include trans people

Colettivo | Credential

The horizons of Diversity and Inclusion

Colettivo | Credential

Ageism and Generations in Organizations

Colettivo | Credential

Certification in Leadership, Ability to Learn and Resilience

Biases and Impacts on Inclusion

Digital communication and data journalism: Introductory concepts

​Professional profile

Click here to see the result of my professional DISC personality test

Applied and diligent, I dedicate myself to my tasks. Some of my greatest qualities as a professional are my willingness to create, learn and collaborate. My goals within the professional environment are putting my communicative skills into practice to cultivate a pleasant team atmosphere and achieve goals that provide professional enrichment.

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